Put that 'spring' back in your step

The date may scream Spring time, but our bodies tell us otherwise. 

Sick of the winter blues? Well I have a little secret to share, it will take you from drab to fab in no time. So, put down your phone (after reading this article of course) and head straight to your wardrobe, do not pass go. 

T-shirt- Zara, pants- C/MEO, jacket- Piper and shoes- Steve Madden 

T-shirt- Zara, pants- C/MEO, jacket- Piper and shoes- Steve Madden 

In winter, we tend to reach for flat colours and shades like blacks, greys and dark blues, I don't blame you, but they somehow manage to make us feel worse than we already do. The answer? Bright colours! By the end of this article we plan to make you look and feel as bright and happy as SpongeBob himself. 

Yes, we all know that black makes us look slimmer, but does it actually make us feel better? Throughout history black has symbolized many things; death, mourning, poverty and power. “Black has a dark side” says author Jules Standish. The author of ‘How Not to Wear Black’ hints at the association between black and vivid images of dark tales, witches and ‘things that go bump in the night’. Your subconscious doesn’t stand a chance disassociating the two. There is however a time and place where black is the only colour to set the scene…. Trust me, I haven’t forgotten the LBD (little black dress, I’m pretty sure spelling it out wasn’t necessary, but there’s always one). Black can make you feel powerful, but wearing it every day? Let’s spice it up a bit. 

Style and colour can make you stand out from the crowd, often you will receive compliments you may not otherwise get. But apart from compliments, research shows that colours can have a psychological effect. ‘When we look at certain colours it triggers neurological responses in the brain, it causes the hypothalamus gland to release hormones” says Standish. This means looking at warm bright colours release dopamine, improving mood, attention span and can even boost your sex drive (so… I guess you’re on your way to the shops to buy that red or pink shirt right now? Double wink). A study was done to see the colour the happiest and healthiest people wore, and it was bright flippin yellow. Now I’m not asking you to walk around in a banana suit, but even bright yellow accessories can trick you into feeling happier and also make you look more approachable. It could be just what you need the next time your boss calls you into their office. 

Image via  LiveScience

Image via LiveScience

Blue is the colour you need to watch out for, whilst light blue helps you release oxytocin making you feel calm, dark blue can put you right back into your grumpy pants. Take a hint from the outfit we have put together in these photos to become a brighter, happier you. 

Photos and writing by Katelin Rice

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